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The We Podcast #13 by Sarah Monares: Guest Kari Little

I was honored that Sarah Monares invited me to be a guest on her podcast.  

Sarah has such a huge heart for people and specializes in helping women rediscover who they are, embrace their gifts and their purpose through her online trainings and live events. I encourage you to get connected with Sarah through her website here  

"The We Podcast" by Sarah Monares are available on iTunes, Stitcher & Castbox

Connecting with Sarah Monares

Sarah Monares and I had a Live Facebook chat prior to our Focus Forward event in Santa Monica, CA. 

During the training Sarah discussed Overcoming Loss & Adversity, provided hands on exercises and tools that our guests could take with them and apply right away. 

Connecting with Drue Metz

Listen to the Facebook LIVE audio of my chat with the one and only Drue Metz, Director & Co-Writer of the film "The Love Effect" that was shown at our Focus Forward event in Santa Monica, October 2017.

Drue and I discuss the film, his mission and how our event ties in with the message of his film.



Coffee Talk With Kari

Grab a cup of coffee, tea or your favorite beverage and join us for our community "Facebook Live" where we discuss an array of topics such as goals, success, entrepreneurship, mindset, community, travel,  just to name a few.

Guest Speakers

On occasion we will have special guests join our chats.  If there is enough interest surrounding a specific topic, we will do our best to bring in a guest speaker in that field to share a Q&A session with you. 


We will announce upcoming events, trainings, scheduled guests, we might even surprise someone participating on "Facebook Live" with a FREE gift!


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